September 23rd, 2023
Sign up for After-school, spaces are VERY limited now
Tell a friend, they can try us out for 6 weeks, and get a uniform, for only $69!!! now
October 27, 2023

Parents Night Out

Night of the Zombies

October 27th,2023


$30 per child

*** 1 Guest per student for free***



September 25, 2023



Full Day of After School


Make sure to pack your children a lunch & 2 snacks

June 2, 2023

Our next Testings will be


October 20th & 21th


SignUp Link is already on the iPad

September 23, 2023

Wishing all these students a very happy September birthday!

Freddie Hare, Allie Cassada, Caleb Camphuysen, Carter Camphuysen, Giselle Tovar, Rutherford “Ford” Maury, Mukilan Muthukumar, Jason Edwardes, Luke Allen, Debbie Klein,Wren Wohlford, Jordin McBride, Caliek Smith, Harlowe McCreary, Anika Malineni, Chaplin Baggs, Zach Stribbling-El, Drew Peele, Elijah Harrell, Rennie Yeh, Aubrey Harrell, Jordan Brown, Ezra “Ezzy” Padow, Catherine Douglas Rolfe, Lily McDavid, Ellie Covington, William Pompey, Andrew Long, Kennedy Morrisey, Elias Tucker, Sellers Jenkins, Rowan Jones, Nolan Beckmann, Ben Fels, Reed Hallberg, Jackson Gilreath, Jude Vanderpool, Matthew Berkle, Caden Kinney

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