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Sam Kalinoski reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

This is such a great school! They honestly care about you as a person first, not just a member. They also honestly teach you the arts and how to apply it in real life situations. This school dosen’t “sell belts” like other schools in the area; trust me... I did my homework, and did the trials; this is the best school in the area, maybe even Richmond

Doug Beisch

I have been a student of martial arts for more than 20 years and am a certified instructor in more than one art. I took my 2 young children here 5 years ago, and was impressed by the teaching acumen and the firm but fair attitude of Master Hubley and his cadre of instructors. While it may not be the most “martial” of martial arts schools, the children learn discipline, manners, self-respect, leadership, physical fitness, teamwork and myriad values that aid them them in achieving higher plateaus in their journey of life. Master Hubley is a true master in his mannerisms with children and his martial arts acumen. I am proud to send my children here and will continue to do so because it has been such a positive influence on their lives (self confidence, fitness and overall well being). Not my primary concern, but it is also one of the most affordable and enriching after-school programs available.

Aleric Harris reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

Martial Arts of West End has been in my life for 7 years, and has become a passion of mine, I haven't only grown as a person physically, but in other aspects like mentally, morally, and financially. From utilizing strong self defense to beautiful traditional forms and breaking your limits even when you think you can't, Martial Arts of West End is the place to be, with amazing instructors and the one and only Master Erik Hubley, you can accomplish anything. MAWE becomes your family always backing you up and being there for you, I don't know what I'd do without it, I love it!!!

Charli Barber reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

Martial Arts of West End is fantastic! The instructors are top notch, the curriculum is fast paced & fun and everyone treats you like family. Such an amazing workout and great life lessons. My son and I love MAWE!

Todd Soren reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

I simply can't say enough about Martial Arts of West End! Each instructor is fantastic and unique and brings their own style and perspective to the common values of the teachings. The family culture is welcoming and inclusive and creates an atmosphere that is always positive, encouraging, and supportive. Going to class several times a week has become a special bonding opportunity for my daughter and me to which we truly look forward. Whatever your motives -- be it learning self-defense, physical fitness, or just a hobby to keep busy -- Martial Arts of West End will no doubt exceed your expectations and help you become the very best version of yourself in the process.

Shannon Carr reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

Martial Arts of West End is a fantastic place to train martial arts. Classes are fun, the people are friendly, and the instructors take the time to tailor instruction to the individual. They work with people with any sort of obstacle or challenge to best meet their needs. Training at this school is rigorous and challenging, but it is also accessible to anyone, young or not-so-young, fit or ready to become fit, new or experienced.

Jeneva Hockett reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

I can't say enough about this place. My kids have been there a few years now and I couldn't ask for a better place for them. Master Hubley not only teaches martial arts, but true deep down core values that so many children lack today. He also maintains great relationships and communication with parents. He truly cares whole heartedly for each individual child and their families. For our family martial arts of west end is not just an after school program- they're also a PART of our family

Courtenay Fisher reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

Exceptional, nurturing, empowering, confidence-building, mentally and physically challenging, and so much more. These are just a few of the words I could use to describe this wonderful school.

We were fortunate to become part of the Martial Arts of West End family a few years ago. I had studied martial arts many years earlier, but wanted to begin again and give my kids the benefit of martial arts training. Master Hubley and all the instructors immediately drew us in with their family-friendly program and their genuine interest in our success.

Bill Norris reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

Master Hubley and his team run a wonderful program. They teach kids discipline, respect, self-confidence, and the power of setting/achieving your goals. If you are up for it, they will teach parents the same thing. Join a great program that you can do with your children. Its well worth it.

Kelli Cannon Brown reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

Martial Arts of West End provides outstanding after school and summer camp care for kids!! We've been members of Master Hubley's school for almost 7 years for two kids and I can honestly say that we've never considered another option once we started! Outstanding in every aspect!

Smita Lal reviewed Martial Arts of West End
via Facebook

Me and my 5 years old son joined the martial arts seven months back with apprehension because this was our first time but I am happy to say that Master Hubley, Master Davis and all other instructors and members are very cooperating, helpful and patient with us as well as with all other students. I highly recommend this martial art class. This is a great place to learn taekwando.
Front desk staff is also cheerful and helpful. Lots of respect to Master Hubley! Thank you Sir.

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How Martial Arts can improve discipline in Children and Adults

How Martial Arts can improve discipline in Children and Adults


This word means many things to different people. Whether it’s procrastinating, cheating on a diet, or just being an unruly kid, lack of discipline can be a detriment on your life.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the ways that better discipline can be achieved through martial arts training. Keep reading!

How can martial arts improve your discipline?

My experience with martial arts

I remember starting martial arts classes at the local sports club when I was young. My parents had enrolled me and my older brother into some classes. It was a disaster! We were put in the corner and asked to punch at each other. LOL so you can imagine what happened?


Fouchanetly I found my way back into a martial arts school letter in my 20s. I had been an athlete my whole life up to that point. So I knew I needed to get involved in something.  My friend invited me to go to a class one day and that was all she wrote. I was hooked.

Now in my 50s the passion and the desire to want to improve is still burning brighter than ever.

And the joy of teaching this art to others has become the way I live. 

Discipline, Focus, Desire, Passion, patience, Balance, Confidence, Stress Management. Exedra. We have all heard all the benefits martial arts can give you. Its TRUE

Martial Arts training, no matter how brief, instills these qualities in a student. This works whether you’re an adult or a child.

Here are just a few ways that children and adults can benefit from martial arts training to be more disciplined.


Learning discipline through martial arts training

The virtue of Patience


You could say that, in many ways, patience and discipline mean the same thing.


Discipline involves waiting and working hard to achieve results. That can’t be done without a certain degree of patience. Wanting instant results and hoping to achieve everything instantaneously is the opposite of that.

Martial arts training emphasizes the mastery of one move before moving on to another. It emphasizes perfection and quality instead of quantity. That’s why it takes so many years for black belts to achieve perfection. Even then, there are so many degrees of black belts that people aspire to achieve. Some take decades to achieve this kind of mastery. Isn’t that what discipline is all about?

Following routines may seem counterproductive, but following them after finding out their benefits is the definition of discipline.

Struggling to achieve perfection through single mindedness requires a whole lot of patience. Both children and adults can benefit from this as they need it to accomplish much in life.

For children, learning the value of patience in their early years will prove to be much more foundational. For adults, though, it will help them to improve their existing habits and routines.

The benefits of martial arts training

Self-Esteem and Confidence – How you feel about yourself

You don’t need to have seen Cobra Kai or the Karate Kid to know that Martial arts training improves confidence.

Whenever you work out or do anything athletic, it improves your confidence. Of course ,this affects your life differently, depending on whether you’re a child or an adult. Children get more bragging rights with their friends and adults feel more confident about their work and personal lives.

Let’s consider the lives of children.

They’re used to playing with their friends and participating in sports. However, being professionally trained in a sport like martial arts helps them gain confidence.

For one, they have more control of their body and better reflexes. This helps them gain the confidence to approach bigger challenges. Shy kids that are hesitant when it comes to participating in sports usually find their confidence bolstered with martial arts. I know I did – I was terrible at sports, but excelled at martial arts.

Increasing discipline with martial arts

How about the lives of adults?

They’re usually bogged down with their personal lives and are seeking the confidence to move on to something bigger and better. Martial arts training naturally imparts that confidence to them. Whether they want to stand up to their bosses or ask a girl out, confidence helps with that.

Of course, taking martial arts as a kid is more advantageous. It imbues you with the kind of confidence you need to take the world head on – right from the start! That kind of initial development is more effective.

Learning that as an adult is obviously less formational, but still extremely beneficial.

Learning about Teamwork

When you join a dojang or other type of studio, you’re naturally supposed to work as part of a team.

In competitions and in one to one sparring, you’re supposed to represent your team and dojang. This teaches the members of the studio the value of teamwork and family.

Even one of the more popular martial arts that has recently blown up, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was a family sport. It was developed by a single family that passed it on to generations. Today, it’s considered the most revered martial art by some fighters.

Not to say that the emphasis on family is what made it great. However, there is no denying that sharing and practicing with others is what makes martial arts training more effective. Sparring with a dummy and just experimenting on one’s own is never enough.

That’s why children and adults can learn so much from martial arts training. They can learn that teamwork is the key to success in some endeavors in life. This can help them become better leaders in life and in their profession.

Children can learn the value of teamwork and better treat their colleagues and friends. The same can be said of adults.

That’s something the world sorely needs today as well. When the individual has been placed as the be all and end all of civilization, teamwork needs to make a comeback.

The Health Benefits are hard to ignore

Of course, martial arts training also has health benefits.

These come naturally when you take advantage of the discipline that comes along with the training. That in turn helps you become more regimented in your daily life. Children can learn the value of eating right and taking care of their bodies with this training. Adults can do the same – believe me, we all need it.

However, the effects, much like all the other benefits, are different.

If children opt for martial arts training, they can improve their overall physique. They will get much greater health benefits from it because it will be fundamental to their development, physical and mental.


Health benefits of martial arts training





With the rise in childhood obesity, having this background in martial arts and the physical activity that comes from it is extremely important.

For adults, though, the advantages aren’t as great. They will still be able to get health benefits and dietary benefits. However, since their body has already fully developed, their benefits will be more transitory and less foundational. That still doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t go for it.

There are countless benefits of martial arts training for children and adults. If you want to live a more confident and disciplined life, then sign up for martial arts today!   –   804-673-5200